Bruce’s most newly found passion is DJ-ing. His experience as a host and MC at parties and his love for dance, music, entertainment and rhythm, created his desire to turn to DJ-ing. He is specialized in playing Afro tech and Amapiano music. He is working hard on putting himself on the map as a DJ and host both nationally and internationally. His goal is to make a DJ-set not only something you can dance to but a spiritual experience where energies are shared in between the DJ and the people on the dancefloor. He has made it his mission to share that energy with people all around the world. 

Credentials Belgium:
✓The Villa Antwerp 
✓ Club 69 Ghent
✓ Club Capital Antwerp
✓ NAH MEAN party, Bruges
✓ Sommar Antwerp
La Gare 27, Antwerp
✓ Many more

Credentials internationally:
✓  Nao Pool Club, Marbella
✓ Hard Rock Café Porto, Portugal
✓ Yotel Porto, Portugal
✓ IT boutique hotel, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
✓ Juke Joint Playa, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
✓ Sheedsgroove party, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
✓ Cala Bassa Beach Club, Ibiza, Spanje
✓ ME Ibiza hotel, Ibiza, Spanje
✓ Beso Beach Ibiza, Spanje
✓ DJ FOR KAMO MPHELA Belgium promo
✓ Club Malasana , Madrid
✓ GUAVA , Bucharest
✓ Tulum club , Marbella
✓ Continental club, Oakland (USA)
✓ Ruby 360 club , Baku (Azerbaijan)
✓ Piano world , Rotterdam
✓ Afro Brunch , Barcelona
✓ Virtue Lounge & Club , Dubai
✓ Nott project , Izmir
✓ PACHA , Nice (France)

✓ Ostend Beach 2021 and 2022 
✓ Main Stage Bomboclat Festival 2022

In september 2020 he released his first orignal track called “Sakana” and since than 3 other tracks have followed. All his tracks are available on his Spotify and 2 of the tracks have video’s that are available on his youtube channel.