Artistic Director and Choreographer

“Bruce’s foundations as a dancer stretch far outside of Belgium: he has won numerous prestigious competitions such as Juste Debout Germany 2006, Unique Battle Genèvz 2009, Nothing But Flavor 2010, UK Champs Germany 2012, Juste Debout Finland 2012, Redbull Classic Experimental Sessions 2012, Hiphop Kingz 2019 Holland, World Battle 2019 Portugal, All for All European Battle 2019 Toulouse, New Jack/ Hype competition 2020 Belgium, Hiphop Legacy 2020 Belgium,… These helped him build his reputation through which now he is a respected judge for Hiphop battles in the world. Above that, he has given live performances in various countries and has taught masterclasses all over (as far as Broadway Dance Center NY, Brickhouse NY, Steps Studio NY and Boogiezone LA).
He has worked as a dancer for:
– Ciara
– Pixie Lott
– Chemical Brothers
He has worked as a creative director/ choreographer for:
– Nike
– H&M
– Dance Date TV Program.”


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